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As a professional or growing small business, the tax classification of your company is a crucial decision with longstanding tax implications, both positively and negatively.  Researching online to understand the pros and cons for each entity can beneficial; consulting with an attorney can provide insight on legal protection; but there isn’t a more accurate way of understanding the exact benefits or responsibilities financially without the direct assistance of a highly functioning tax professional.  At Redmon & Redmon, we gather the necessary numbers to assess the trends of your growing company and provide insightful information and tips based on true data for your short-term and long-term choices and how they will reflect on your tax preparations.  Our thorough evaluation provides the most accurate forecasting because it is based on your business status rather than generic information.


For Startups and New Business Endeavors

We serve a plethora of entrepreneurs in many diverse, and sometimes in unique industries.  With the tax code being quite complex and new laws being written or changed on a daily basis, existing information on the advantages and disadvantages of particular business entities can quickly become antiquated.  Regardless, if you are pursuing a business endeavor or creating a new startup, it is important that you not avoid setting up your business altogether.  Redmon & Redmon is here to answer your questions and evaluate the absolute best business entity selection for your new endeavor.


For Existing Businesses

Whether you currently own and operate a small business and are looking to upgrade or downgrade, or perhaps just ensure you’re in the best business classification, data will prove and provide the insight necessary to give you a thorough and direct consultation on the most appropriate business entity for your business moving forward.