Estate and Trust Tax Preparation 2017-05-17T03:43:08+00:00

Our tax professionals at Redmon & Redmon serves to help preserve and protect your financial legacy beginning with your estate and trust tax preparation and planning. We help you to provide security for surviving loved ones or organizations. It is important that you acquire the services of an excellent tax professional to minimize the tax penalties obtained from the transfer of assets. Sometimes referred to as postmortem tax planning, we provide timely advice on how, to whom, and when assets should be distributed.

Estate Planning and Consulting for Individuals

Your year-end tax planning may require more than simply income taxes. We provide thorough reviews of your estate plan and tax situation and overviews of existing trust agreements. Whether you have personal residence trusts, probate estates, irrevocable life insurance trusts, family limited partnerships, or other related estate structures, the tax professionals at Redmon & Redmon can help you sort through the details while providing valuable insight on how to maximize your returns and minimize liabilities.

Estate Planning for Small Business

While individuals set up estate and trust funds and assets for their loved ones, it is crucial that business owners have a plan of action for the company assets. We provide consulting and advice on proper passing and protection for your business assets to ensure a smooth succession of ownership in case of an unforeseen circumstance. We assist in laying the foundation for continued success and will help you in navigating the tax laws to minimize tax liability for your beneficiaries.