International Taxation 2017-05-17T03:43:08+00:00

At Redmon & Redmon, we work with United States residents working abroad and foreign citizens working in the United States. Our international tax professionals are here to assist you in implementing strategies for tax savings both at home and abroad. Our international tax planning and compliance services are a great asset to the clients that require these services.
International taxation can be quite complicated for tax and accounting firms or professionals who lack experience in the field. We provide support and advice on international taxation for companies and individuals who require consultations and advice for conducting international business. We prepare U.S. and foreign tax returns, which can vary considerably from the general U.S. tax code. Without understanding international transaction laws, there can be significant challenges down the road.
Whether you own a business that imports and exports, you work in and out of different countries, or you participate in any transactions that could potentially require compliance to the law, it is vital that you turn to an experienced tax firm that can assist you with international taxation compliance and consulting.