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Your payroll tax and accounting partner with customized solutions.

Growing small businesses thrive on the ability to leverage and balance time and revenue. Small business owners and entrepreneurs realize that time is their most valuable asset, and unfortunately, the only asset that cannot expand, but only be managed. Company growth typically means hiring more employees or outsourcing work to contractors on a 1099 basis. Regardless of your current company structure, hiring a dedicated accountant in-house that is trustworthy, reliable, and experienced too early can prove to be a very high risk. That is why many growing companies turn to the payroll services offered by Redmon & Redmon, the tax and accounting professionals.

With the limited availability of your time as a business owner, it’s hard to keep a constant check to oversee your financial statements, trends, and to file and submit paperwork to all entities of federal, state, and local government. Outsourcing your payroll and business accounting services is a very smart and savvy decision, but choosing the right firm, group, or professional to handle these tasks successfully is crucial. At Redmon & Redmon, we have a dedicated team that seamlessly fits into the mold of your company with customized payroll solutions. So whether you would like us to simply keep your government regulated documentation in order or if you need us to completely take over your accounting for your company, we are equipped, certified, licensed, experienced, and prepared to do just that.

Outsourcing your payroll and accounting services to Redmon & Redmon has more benefits than simply saving you time. With our expertise, we can provide accurate advice and to consult based on the numbers that matter. Based on your values and principles and our knowledge and experience, we can provide thorough consulting to help you make the best business decisions financially. We’re able to give you a forecast of when is the right time to hire the next employee; where your current financial trends potentially lead you six months from now; and we offer the best insight into the proper structures of payroll and benefits based on not just generic trends, but what makes the most sense for your business.

Choosing Redmon & Redmon means choosing a real partner rather than just another company that offers payroll and accounting services for small businesses. You can expect us to stay on top of your account, but to also be a real asset to your growing business from a consulting standpoint. It is our passion and duty to serve small and medium businesses just like yours. We treat every account with individual, personalized attention to our dedicated support to ensure your expectations are being met. Ultimately, your growth affects our growth, and we desire to see every small and medium business succeed. That growth heavily depends on your cash flow and making solid business decisions financially.

By choosing the tax professionals at Redmon & Redmon, you can expect quality service and support without the year end surprises. We keep you informed of recent and regular changes in the tax code and how it affects your small business. We keep you in the loop of any unusual cash flow changes, both positively and negatively. Ultimately, we become not only a go-to source for all things tax and accounting related, but we mesh ourselves with your culture and do our best to serve you in any areas that we are professionally licensed and experienced in.

Services Include:

  • Initiate payroll on your schedule and print checks
  • Compute earnings of workers based upon annual salary or timesheet provided by employer
  • Prepare Federal Forms, 941s and 940s
  • Prepare W-3’s and W-2’s
  • Distribute checks to employees
  • Prepare Federal Forms, 941s and 940s
  • Track vacation and sick pay
  • Provide Direct Deposit of payroll checks
  • Calculate deductions, such as income, tax withholding, Social Security payments, reitirement plans, child support, insurance, etc.