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Out of all the tax-related tasks and duties a business must maintain, it is sales tax that can be the most time-consuming. Keeping up with hundreds or thousands of transactions over a given period can certainly be helped with software, but preparing and filing sales tax returns in an efficient and timely manner can exhaustive and time-consuming. Whether it is assisting you with setting up your sales tax correctly, providing consultation in how to expedite the process, or allowing us to provide our full-service sales tax services, leaning on Redmon & Redmon at any level will certainly help you in the process.
Sales taxes can be interruptive in your fiscal year of tax reporting because it often requires filing more frequently in comparison to your annual tax returns. At Redmon & Redmon, we can help you maintain your sales tax records throughout each month and quarter, and also keep your records on file in case they ever need to be recalled or evaluated.
Hiring the tax professionals at Redmon & Redmon helps to minimize your liability as we thoroughly examine your tax records. While it does not exempt you from an IRS audit, our experience in assisting individuals and companies with IRS representation allows us to know the sensitive components that the IRS examines. Without a doubt, sales tax audits are quite routine for the IRS in product related companies because there is typically a paper trail for the goods you have purchased from a reseller or distributor who likely collected your tax identification number. In any case, even companies that are perfect in their sales tax and inventory records are randomly selected at times by the IRS for review.
Our services extend to all 50 states. We assist clients who have multiple locations across multiple states, which carry their respective state-level tax percentages. We provide insight on the proper ways of collecting sales tax for brick and mortar as well as online platforms, when necessary. Upon any changes in the sales tax or tax exemption codes, we are an excellent resource for our clients in bringing them into compliance immediately. Allow our tax professionals to be a lending hand in assisting you with planning, preparing, filing, and maintaining your sales tax duties and responsibilities.