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Have you ever felt completely lost in the intricate details with government lingo that are associated with tax preparation and return forms? You’re not alone. According to the U.S. Government’s General Accounting Office, 7 out of 10 taxpayers believed they benefited from hiring a professional tax preparer. Considering the amount of tax preparers and the range of professionalism, that is a number that speaks volumes. The general guidelines and rules of tax preparation are no different whether you are preparing your taxes or hiring a professional, but the benefits short-term and the liabilities long-term indeed create a tremendous gap.
While there are a plethora of personal and business tax preparation professionals to choose from, there are very few in the region that are as certified, experienced, and equipped to provide the most accurate tax preparation services like Redmon & Redmon. We have a full understanding of the tax code and stand with our clients rather than hiding behind them during a scenario that you receive a letter and investigation by the Internal Revenue Service. Many tax preparers are merely bookkeepers, meaning they can assist you in streamlining your taxes but carry little-to-no authority or influence and cannot support you in the case of an audit and investigation of your tax returns by the IRS. With our experience in audits, working to resolve problems with the IRS for our clientele, and our level of certification, we are a comfortable choice for individuals and companies who want to ensure they are receiving exactly what they should receive instead of bending and eventually breaking the law. We work with integrity and strive to do our absolute best for our clients.

Tax Preparation for Individuals

We provide tax preparation for individuals who desire a highly licensed and seasoned tax professional to oversee their financial reports and returns. We strive for excellence while providing an affordable rate with a seamless service that puts the workload on us. Our proactive approach gives you valuable insight into how to improve your overall tax standing each year. Most of all, we ensure you’re receiving the maximum benefit of the tax code, but nothing beyond its intended purpose. Our audit protection program is extremely popular with our clients as we align your tax preparations for audit-ready proof.

Tax Preparation for Small Business

We love serving small business owners and entrepreneurs, and one of the most popular services is, of course, our tax preparation for small business. Rather than just preparing your taxes to be filed, we provide thorough examination and input on particular areas that you should be more sensitive to. Depending on the nature of your business and requirements set forth by the state and federal government for your business sector, we can provide monthly, quarterly, or annual tax preparations to assist you throughout your fiscal year. Our dedicated team at Redmon & Redmon desires to be a real asset to your business moving forward. We consider ourselves partners with our small business clients due to the dedication and level of service and support we provide.